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Our Pick for the Top 10 Urgent Care Podcasts of 2024


Urgent Matters

This podcast provides a comprehensive platform for discussions and resources specifically tailored to urgent care professionals. It covers various aspects of urgent care practice, including updates on procedures, case studies, and discussions on the evolving landscape of urgent care medicine.

General BroadCAST

Targeting clinicians and students with an interest in out-of-hospital urgent and emergency care, General BroadCAST offers concise and informative summaries on a variety of relevant topics. It serves as an excellent resource for refreshing knowledge and linking to additional learning materials.

Urgent Care Basics

Focused on delivering the latest medical knowledge, Urgent Care Basics addresses a wide range of topics pertinent to urgent care. It’s an educational tool particularly beneficial for new graduates and practitioners in the field, providing UC-specific pearls and disposition advice.


Hosted by Dr. Michael Weinstock, a well-known figure in emergency and urgent care medicine, this podcast dives deep into the management of complex cases in urgent care settings. It also discusses the role of urgent care medicine and offers insights on achieving work-life balance in this demanding field.

The Hippo Education Podcast

Part of a series that includes Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Pediatrics, and Urgent Care, this podcast brings the latest news, updated clinical practice information, and essential knowledge for each specialty, presented by a trusted team of educators.

Providers Properties and Performance

This unique podcast explores the convergence of healthcare and real estate. It focuses on optimizing performance in various settings, including medical office buildings, surgery centers, and urgent care centers, making it a great resource for healthcare providers interested in the business and operational aspects of healthcare facilities.

The Guerrilla Medic Podcast

Aimed at medics operating with limited supplies and support, this podcast provides valuable insights for urgent care in challenging or resource-constrained environments. It’s particularly useful for those looking to adapt to diverse and uncertain medical situations.

Tools You Can Use for Pediatricians

Offering practical tools and resources for primary care and urgent care pediatricians, this podcast reviews evidence-based clinical guidelines, workflows, and patient education materials, providing actionable insights for practitioners dealing with common, acute ambulatory conditions in children.

Urgent Care Reviews and Perspectives

Providing high-yield insights and the latest information in urgent care, this podcast is presented by world-class educators. It’s designed to keep urgent care practice ahead of the curve with engaging topics and practical advice that can be directly applied in daily work.

Urgent Care RAP

Offering an array of topics related to urgent care, including clinical challenges, medical updates, and patient care strategies. The podcast is known for its engaging and educational content, making it a must-listen for those seeking to stay informed and improve their practice in urgent care.

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