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CPT Code A0427: Overview


Code: A0427
Description: Ambulance service, advanced life support, emergency transport, level 1 (ALS 1 – emergency)
Context: This Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code represents emergency transport services provided by an ambulance with advanced life support (ALS) capabilities. It is used when the patient’s condition requires immediate and urgent medical attention with ALS intervention.

Guidelines for Proper Use:

  • Specific Use for ALS Emergency Transport: Apply A0427 for ambulance transportation services where advanced life support measures are necessary during an emergency. This includes situations where the patient requires immediate medical intervention that goes beyond basic life support skills.
  • Documentation of Emergency and ALS Intervention: Ensure healthcare providers’ and ambulance crew documentation includes details of the emergency nature of the call, the ALS interventions provided, and the condition of the patient necessitating such services.
  • Exclusion of Non-Emergency or Basic Life Support Services: Do not use A0427 for non-emergency transports or transports where only basic life support (BLS) is provided. Separate codes exist for these scenarios.
  • Compliance with Ambulance Service Protocols: Use A0427 in accordance with standard emergency medical guidelines and protocols, as well as payer-specific rules for ambulance services.
  • Clear Indication of ALS Level 1 Services: This code should reflect the provision of ALS level 1 services, which typically involve a range of ALS interventions.

Common Misuses of A0427:

  • Using for Non-Emergency Transports: Misuse occurs if A0427 is applied to non-emergency transportation situations that do not require immediate medical attention or ALS intervention.
  • Applying to Basic Life Support Transports: Using A0427 for ambulance services that provide only basic life support instead of advanced life support.

Inadequate Documentation of ALS Interventions: Not providing sufficient documentation to justify the use of ALS resources and the emergency nature of the transport can lead to misuse of this code.

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